How To Choose Necklaces To Style Halter-Neck Dresses

Halter-neck dresses are a fashion favourite among Millennials and Gen-Z alike. The stylish neck often makes for a beautiful silhouette and a stunning look. Halter-neck dresses are particularly fun to accessorise, given their cool and airy vibe. You can play around with bracelets, rings, earrings, and even full-body jewellery. However, when it comes to necklaces can be tricky to style. This, by no means, means that you must give up on pairing necklaces with halter necks. All you have to do is be smart and strategic about it!

We’ll take you through a few styling tips in this blog to help you choose the right necklaces for your favourite halter-neck dresses:

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  1. Wear a collar-style necklace:

This neckpiece tightly wraps itself around the neck and is ideal for any dress with a plunging neck. You can find multiple varieties of collar necklaces, including single strands and various strands. Go for a classic colour, such as rose gold or silver, or one with multi-coloured gemstones, to add vivacity and life to your halter-neck look.

  1. Choose the quintessential choker necklace:

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Choker necklaces are all the rage now, and rightly so, for their understated glamour and elegance. For halter-neck dresses, you can look at a sleek metallic choker necklace set and vibrant multi-coloured ones. Keep in mind whether your dress has a traditional or western vibe, and choose accordingly.

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  1. Play it safe with a dainty pendant necklace:

You can never really go wrong with pendants, can you? These dainty and pretty traditional necklaces will complete your halter-neck look without making it gaudy or cluttered. You can build an impressive collection of pendant sets with pearls, statement motifs, solitaire diamonds, unique metallic shapes, and symbols.  You can also pair your neck pieces with fancy diamond earrings.

  1. Jazz it up with a Y-shaped necklace:

A y-shaped necklace is a statement within itself; its unique design and minimalistic appeal add to its allure. A thin and dainty y-shaped necklace is perfect to style your casual halter-neck dresses for a day or a night out. Make sure to choose a necklace that is subtle and not too studded, or else it might ruin the whole look.

Keep these tips in mind and flaunt those shoulders confidently the next time you wear a halter-neck dress. For more necklace inspiration, visit our online store at