Rock Your Winter Look With These Tribal Jewellery Pieces

Tribal jewellery makes for an excellent addition to any accessory collection, be it for a casual day out or for a fun night out. The bohemian layers and quirky vibes of tribal jewellery pieces are indispensable in elevating your winter looks, adding a touch of breeze and life to their usual sophistication. After all, comfort is a feeling best experienced with a side of vivacity!

In this blog, we’ve brought to you our finest tribal jewellery picks that will complement your winter outfits and make you look like a stylish diva! Trust us, you don’t want to miss out on these accessory details to rock your winter looks:

  1. Hema earrings:

Hema Statement Earrings

These statement earrings from our Banjaran collection will be your next favourite pair of oxidised earrings! With a white metal body and intricate tribal carvings, these earrings are massive in size and style. You will be redefining the way oxidised jewellery looks every time you choose to wear this with your winter wedding outfits. Get ready to buy these stylish earrings online!

  1. Tulsi kada:

Tulsi Statement Tribal Kada

This silver-plated statement kada is timeless, high-end, and elegant. From our brand new Banjaran collection, the tribal kada retains the white metal body typical of the collection and infuses a host of pearls and diamonds for a rich ethnic look. It’s the one accessory you’d want to have for your traditional outfits!

  1. Chetna earrings:

Chetna Statement Earrings

Who said oxidised jewellery couldn’t exude vibrancy? Our Chetna statement earrings have green gemstones as their hero, while their silver body does justice to the brand of oxidised jewellery. The earrings are contrasting accessories for kurta sets, subtle-coloured lehengas, and cute western outfits. If you are planning on shopping for fashion jewellery online in India then you must check out these earrings.

  1. Masama gold necklace:

Masama Tribal Necklace

It’s tough to imagine a versatile piece of jewellery that looks unique and unconventional. Yet, here we are, proving the norm wrong! The Masama gold-plated necklace is a fine indo-western accessory with tribal motifs for a statement look. At the same time, it is so dainty and wearable that you’d want to pair it with all your outfits!

  1. Shamaa oversized ring:

Shamaa Oversized Tribal Ring

Any discussion of tribal jewellery is incomplete without mentioning rings. And with our Shamaa oversized statement ring, you’d be the centre of many discussions! An elaborate medley of pearls and polished silver, this elegant ring is a sure eye-catcher. Be prepared to answer many questions about where you got the ring from!

Our Banjaran collection is now live on our website, Shop for these exquisite bohemian accessories and many more on our online store!