Going away on a weekend trip? Pack these jewellery pieces

2022 has no dearth of long weekends. This is a sign for you to plan a relaxing getaway for the weekend so that you can rejuvenate and refresh your mind to work better at your job. And while you’re at it, make sure that your fashion game is A1, just like it always is! We understand how tricky it can be to pack everything you need to be fashionable but be mindful of travelling light. You want to take all your best outfits, simple artificial jewellery pieces and accessories for the most instagrammable pictures but can’t carry a suitcase for just a weekend!

Hence, we have made a special list to help you pack only the best accessories that can elevate virtually any outfit. Only your bags will be light with these versatile beauties, not your style statements.

  1. Beach please vacation bracelet:

Beach Please Vacation Bracelet

This beautiful charm bracelet is made for those vacation connoisseurs who like to keep it simple and beautiful. The delicate chain is studded with dainty charms that can be worn as a standalone or paired with a watch or more bracelets. Put your sundress on and wear this accessory for a light and breezy vacation look!

  1. Hinted yellow tennis bracelet:

Hinted Yellow Tennis Bracelet

If you want to add a touch of class to your evening parties while you’re vacationing, you will love this bracelet. Stunning solitaires with a hint of yellow are neatly arranged to give this bracelet elegant and gorgeous glam. Wear this with your cocktail dresses or fancy party wear for a striking evening look.

  1. Monogram pendant with chain:

Monogram Pendant With Chain

Can you ever go wrong with a monogram pendant? This pendant is as ‘you’ as it can get a necklace that goes with any dress. What sets it apart is the lovely detailing on the chain, giving it an extra pinch of style and fun. It’s a beautiful, minimalistic, stylish accessory that will never leave your side! Get some fancy diamond earrings to go with them!

  1. Glorified diamond pendant chain:

Glorified Diamond Pendant Chain

Another versatile accessory to surely have in your weekend getaway bag! A coloured stone baguette outlines the diamond baguette arrangement in the pendant, giving it plenty of sparkles, contrast, and elegance. Wear this for parties or sightseeing during the day, and you will look flawless throughout!

Pack for your next weekend trip with Attrangi by getting your hands on these lovely pieces. Head to our online store and start shopping today!