5 Dainty Mangalsutras Perfect for Officewear

Offices can be tricky to accessorise; the expectations of professionalism and formal persona don’t intrinsically go hand in hand with the fun underlayers of jewellery. However, thanks to the discovery of minimalistic jewellery styles, subtle accessories can add an extremely sophisticated edge to formal wear. However, married working women who choose to put on their marital symbols have the added responsibility of maintaining professional decorum even as they wear their suhaag ki nishaniyaan.

How can this set of jewellery consumers play to the advantage of classy formal accessories?

We’ve found the perfect solution: elegant, minimalistic, and dainty mangalsutras! These stunning beauties hit both the birds- marital bliss and professional styling- with a single stone. If you are looking to buy dainty mangalsutra online then read on:

  1. Emerald clustered evil eye mangalsutra:

Emerald Clustered Evil Eye Mangalsutra/ Nazaria

This delicate nazaria is every bit traditional as you'd expect a mangalsutra to be. Lined with classic mangalsutra beads with a pretty evil eye emerald motif in the centre, this bracelet is versatile and minimalistic. It can be easily paired with Indian as western formals.

  1. Ena mangalsutra bracelet:

Ena mangalsutra bracelet

Our Ena mangalsutra bracelet infused trend with tradition, giving you a delicately satisfying and pleasing symbol of marriage. The diamond motif in the centre adds the right amount of class to your formal office looks.

  1. Ik onkar mangalsutra:

Ik Onkar Nazaria-Mangalsutra

Imagine getting the holy Ik Onkar symbol and the auspicious sign of marital grace in one gorgeous bracelet because that is what this jewellery piece is! With a beautiful gold-plated centre and mangalsutra beads, this bracelet will be a nice addition to all your work outfits.

  1. Katrina mangalsutra:

Katrina Mangalsutra

What's better than a mangalsutra inspired by one of the most gorgeous beauties of Bollywood to bring some marital style to your work wardrobe? This Katrina Kaif-inspired mangalsutra is a dainty necklace with diamond motifs in the centre. It surely makes for a subtle but stylish detail! Get ready to buy solitaire diamond mangalsutra online, and be ready to explore trendy designs.

  1. Emerald ena mangalsutra:

Emerald Ena Mangalsutra

This 1-carat solitaire mangalsutra has a beautiful halo for a classic pendant look. However, its neatly arranged beads are a distinguishing factor. The mangalsutra is equal parts traditional and modern, befitting the women of today.

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