5 Ways To Style Artificial Polka Jewellery With Ethnic Wear

Artificial polka jewellery is a gift that keeps giving; it's endlessly rich, timeless, and so easy on the pockets. While the intricate diamond arrangements catch your eye, the alluring metalwork grabs your heart. It is not surprising that artificial polka jewellery is extremely popular among ethnic fashion and goes very well with some of the most favoured traditional outfits.

Right from elaborate lehengas to understated kurtis, you can pair any of your ethnic dresses with some or the other kind of artificial polka jewellery.

Want a concise guide on how to style polka ethnic jewellery with ethnic wear? We've got you covered! Read on to get some easy tips on how to best harness the lustre and appeal of polkas for your ethnic looks:

  1. Statement polka necklace with shirts and ethnic skirts:

Collared shirts tucked in ethnic long skirts need to make a solid comeback as a benchmark of fusion style. You can lead this trend by pairing your statement polka necklaces with your shirts. If you want to take it a notch further, explore contrasting prints in shirts and skirts, and create looks that catch the eye of every fashionista.

Aasha Long Polki Earrings with a Kannauti
  1. Pair polka bangles with long kurtis:

The silhouettes of long kurtis are unmatched when it comes to ethnic fashion. Accessorised with polka kadas, these elegant beauties will create a statement unto itself. So stylish, yet so understated! You can try this tip for casual as well as heavier kurtis.

  1. Accessorise your ethnic gowns with polka earrings:

Long ethnic dresses can be tricky to accessorise since they are quite elaborate as an outfit. Hence, you can add just a touch of traditional glam to it by donning your favourite pair of polka earrings, or, you can also look for other long Indian earrings online. This will bring the whole look together and exude a stunning ethnic charm from your overall persona.

  1. Elevate deep-neck ethnic wear with polka chokers:

Bhavana Victorian Statement Polki Set

Chokers are an accessory that refines any and every ethnic look. Polka chokers, especially, have the right balance between an ornate traditional vibe and minimalistic design. You can confidently pair any of your deep-neck, square, or v-neck necklines with polka chokers for a beautiful regal style.

  1. Stock up on polka rings for casual and special occasions:

Think of any traditional outfit that you like, be it simple or heavy. Now think of a gorgeous set of polka rings adorning your fingers with that outfit. Royal, isn't it? A queen-like look is exactly what polka rings are popular for. Their intricacy and designs make them versatile yet opulent to bedeck any ethnic statement look.

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