These Artificial Bracelet Styles Are Perfect For Your Winter Party Outfits.

The winter chills are taking over a lot of cities in India, and now is the perfect time to start planning your winter accessory closet. You must be thinking, what’s the difference? The difference lies in the styles and designs of accessories you’d typically wear. While summer calls for more vibrant and airy accessories, winters are meant for more classy and exquisite jewellery pieces especially western fashion jewelry. You don’t have to be a high-end fashionista or an influencer to focus on accessorising yourself perfectly according to the season. We’re here to help you make slight changes in your collection to prep you for all your winter outings!

Have a look at these stunning bracelets to elevate your winter outfits and add the right edge to put your style together without any effort:

  1. Diamond Gokhru bracelet:

Diamond Gokhru Bracelet

Inspired by the Rajasthani Gokhru style of jewellery, we bring this exquisite diamond bracelet in rose gold for a polished and refined look. Its intricate diamond arrangement and opulent design make for a balanced combination of class and glam, perfect for a winter party!

  1. Diamond Pacheli bangle set:

Diamond Pacheli

Another variation of the unique Gokhru style of jewellery, this bracelet set is made with 30-cent diamond solitaires. They give you the classic shine expected of diamond bracelets while clocking in ample space for allure and elegance. With three diamond rows and eye-catching Gokhru-style motifs, the bracelets will be your go-to party-wear accessory in no time! If you are planning on buying the best artificial jewellery online then you should check out this set. 

  1. Staple Tennis bracelet:

Staple Tennis bracelet

You can never really go wrong with a diamond tennis bracelet, can you? The clean linear arrangement of diamonds is all you need to bring out the ultimate classy look of diamonds. Its dainty design allows the bracelet to be easily layered with your favourite watch and rings. Get ready to beautify your hands for the next party!

  1. Super slim diamond bangles:

Super Slim Diamond Bangles | Daily Wear

If tennis bracelets are still a bit too much for you, our super slim diamond bangles will surely win you over! These daily wear bangles consist of tiny, dainty diamonds that can be easily layered with other bracelets, rings, or a watch. They’ll add a nice finishing touch to your next party look. If you love simple artificial jewellery, then you should definitely check this out!

  1. Pear-shaped flexible bracelet:

Pear Shaped Flexible Bracelet

You have to get this bewitching pear-shaped bracelet for your jewellery collection! The charm, the elegance, the beauty, the allure, it’s all spot on! The bracelet is flexible and versatile enough to be layered with charm bracelets, rings, and a classic watch. It’ll give you an edgy party style!

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