Tips To Buy The Perfect Solitaire Diamond Mangalsutra Online

Solitaire diamond mangalsutras are all the rage right now, owing to their sleek design and minimalistic visuals. They are perfect for the modern brides of today who want to symbolise their marital bliss in a classy and elegant fashion. Besides, solitaire diamond mangalsutras are incredibly versatile. If you’ve had your big day in the recent wedding season, now is the right time to look for your perfect mangalsutra match. And, we’ve got just the right guide to help you through it, if you are planning to buy solitaire diamond mangalsutra online!

Read on to know 5 tips that’ll make you choose the best solitaire diamond mangalsutra to welcome this new chapter of your life:

Katrina Mangalsutra

  1. Choose the type of diamond you want:

Now, you have got natural diamonds, synthetic diamonds that are created in labs and have the exact same specifications as natural diamonds, and simulated diamonds that only resemble real diamonds in appearance. Don’t be afraid of choosing a marginally lesser-carat solitaire diamond; it won’t make a difference in its appeal, but it will be more cost-effective.

  1. Focus on the quality:

Remember the 4 Cs- carat, colour, cut, and clarity. We’ve discussed carat briefly already. For the rest, choose a diamond with a colour that is G or higher, clarity that is VS or higher, and a cut that is excellent.

  1. Pick your metal colour:

A lot of solitaire diamond mangalsutras are now available with the classic gold metalwork as well as the more modernistic silver metalwork. Depending on your choice of aesthetic and accessory preference, you can narrow down your options by choosing gold or silver undertones for the chain.

Ena Round Mangalsutra With Halo

  1. Explore different bead options:

You don’t necessarily have to go for fully beaded mangalsutra chains. There are plenty of options available with scanty or sparsely visible beads. You can also explore different chain options, such as single, double, or multiple. Choose a pattern that helps bring out the appeal of the solitaire in the way you want. Look for such options if you want to buy dainty mangalsutra online.

  1. Think of it as an heirloom:

This is inadvertently the first jewellery piece you are buying as a new family’s perspective torchbearer. You ought to think about investing in jewellery that can build your own heirloom collection, for when you have to pass it down to the next generation. In many ways, the mangalsutra you choose also embodies your new home’s sentiments and values. Hence, make a choice that is elegant, timeless, durable, and precious.