A Guide To Keeping Your Fashion Jewellery Organised

As fun as buying fashion jewellery is, its maintenance and organisation is as much of an effort, if not more. If you want to truly ‘build a jewellery collection’, you have to learn the trade of organising and storing your accessories properly in a decluttered manner. This way, you also reduce the chances of losing any of your dainty and tiny jewellery pieces.

To make the process of organising jewellery less tiresome, we have collated this simple guide to equip you with a few tips and tricks that will help you store your jewellery neatly. Instead, organising your jewellery will become a lot more fun, therapeutic, and hassle-free:

  1. Use jewellery boxes:

Queen Elsa Multicoloured Bead Bracelet

Jewellery boxes look extremely aesthetic, beautiful, and compact. They also come in antique varieties to suit your interiors and preferences. However, its functionality is even better than its appearance! Jewellery boxes take little space and neatly store all your jewellery, all the while adding a gorgeous layer to your vanity set-up. Storing jewellery in these boxes also protects them from environmental damage, and keeps them organised, segregated and easily visible. You can buy as many jewellery boxes as you need and stack them up in tiers to save space.

  1. Make theme-based categories:

Pick themes that can more or less define your jewellery collection, and segregate all your jewellery pieces according to them. This trick shall also go well with the usage of jewellery boxes. Some of the themes you can look at are similar colours, designer pieces, statement jewellery, metal colour, daily wear, party wear, office wear, traditional jewellery, western jewellery, and so on.  You can decide what themes best suit your jewellery collection. Once done, use boxes or trays to pool each themed piece of jewellery into one unit.

  1. Segregate daily essentials from party wear accessories:

Splitter Splatter Party Wear Light Weight Earrings

Even if you are segregating your jewellery based on themes, as a thumb rule, always start off by separating your daily casual wear jewellery from heavier, party wear accessories, if you’ve just bought Indian earrings online you should store them separately. This is because it will be easier for you to find them on a daily basis whenever you need them. It’s always better to have all your daily accessories handy!

  1. Invest in jewellery trays to compartmentalise jewellery:

Erum Dasti

If you want to go all out with your organisation skills, invest in jewellery trays. They can store multiple pieces together while segregating them further into different sections through dividers. Based on your theme, you can organise all your artificial jewellery, store them in these trays, and conveniently put them away in your drawer.

  1. Use stackable organiser trays to bring your collection together:

Building on the previous point, get stackable trays so that you can place all your jewellery trays on top of each other. These can either go in your drawer, where one drawer dedicatedly stores your entire collection of imitation gold bangles or on the corner of your dressing table if you don’t have a drawer. The stacked trays don’t take much space either way!

This simple guide has broken down a very complex task of organising jewellery for you! To buy the perfect fashion jewellery that adds value to your collection, head to our online store at www.attrangi.in